Ongoing Projects
QASINO – Joint labs with the Italian Space Agency, for research and development of quantum devices and their applications in space
PaRaMetriC – Metrological framework for passive radiative cooling technologies
MUQUABIS Multiscale quantum bio-imaging and spectroscopy
EMM – Earth Moon and Mars, PNRR, realization of a prototype of FAR infrared Fourier transform spectrophotometer for the assessment of the infrared Earth emission budget
QA4EO – Quality Assurance for Earth Observation, ESA, for the validation of data from the Sentinel-5 Precursor (S-5p) mission
REFIR-PAD at Concordia Station 75°S 123°E – Dome-C – Antarctica
FORUM – Far-infrared-Outgoing-Radiation Understanding and Monitoring
FLAIR – Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research: Dott. D’Amato is one of the two chairmen of this series of international conferences (the other one is Prof. Erik Kerstel, University of Grenoble), held in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018. Last edition was held in France in september 2022, skipping the 2020 edition, depending on Covid-19 pandemic. Next edition will be in S. Maria degli Angeli – Assisi, 16-20/09/2024.
For further information please visit the FLAIR website.
Past Projects
ACCLIP – Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project, Deployment of the CO analyzer onboard NASA WB-57 for a campaign based in Okinawa (J), 2019-2022
IMPRESS 2 – EURAMET – Innovative Metrology for Air Pollutant Emissions, Methods for assessing the concentration and flow measurements errors in stacks, 2017-2020
HEMERA H2020 – Integrated access to balloon-borne platforms for innovative research and technology
STRATOCLIM – FP7: Realization and operation of a carbon monoxide detector on board of the stratospheric Geophysica platform in a measurement campaign located in Nepal, 2014-2018
CO2Volc – ERC Grant 279802: Realization and operation of three analyzers for the measurement of the isotopic ratio H35Cl/H37Cl, and of the concentrations of CO2, HF and SO2, 2012-2017
COMPASS – COncordia Multi-Process Atmospheric StudieS, PNRA: Measurement of atmospheric paramenters at Concordia – Dome C station in Anctarctic and data analysis, 2014-2015
STRRAP-b – STudy of the Radiative Regimes over the Antarctic Plateau, PNRA: Study of the Antarctic radiative regime and its regulating processes, through in-situ and remote sensing radiometric measurements, 2014-2016
LATT – Large Aperture Telescope Technology, ESA: Realization of an optical quality, thin Zerodur shell (diam. 40 cm, thickness 1 mm) for an adaptive, lightweight mirror for space applications, 2012-2015
SIMPAS – Sistemi Innovativi di Misura per la Protezione dell’Ambiente e della Salute (Innovative Measurement Systems for the Protection of Environment and Health), Regione Toscana, POR CReO FESR 2007-2013: Implementation of innovative spectroscopic techniques and realization of two prototype analyzers for the measurement of H2S and dioxins/furans, 2010-2012
STAR – Solare Termodinamico ad Alto Rendimento (High Efficiency Thermodynamic Solar Energy), Regione Toscana, POR CReO FESR 2007-2013: Realization of an innovative solar concentrator, 2008-2009
AMMA – African Monsoon and Multidisciplinary Analyses: Measurement of carbon monoxide on board of the stratospheric Geophysica platform in a campaign located in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 2006
SCOUT-Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere O3 – EU FP: Measurement of carbon monoxide on board of the stratospheric Geophysica platform in a campaign located in Darwin NT, Australia, 2005
TROCCINOX – TROpical Convection, CIrrus and Nitrogen OXides experiment, FP5: Measurement of carbon monoxide and methane on board of the stratospheric Geophysica platform in a campaign located in Araçatuba, Brasil, 2005
PRANA – Radiative properties of water vapour and clouds in Antarctica, PNRA: FIR spectral measurements for the radiative characterisation of water vapour, cirrus clouds, and PSC, 2012-2014
GSTPS-MZI – Study of measurement requirements of the ESA – Integrated MEOS Linbo3 Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Spectrometry in the 0.5 To 5 micron Spectral Region, CGS, 2012-2014
FIRB – PROGRAMMA “FUTURO IN RICERCA” 2010 (RBFR10M3SB) “Optical simulators of quantum transport in photosynthetic systems and prospects for new solar energy technologies”