Francesco D’Amato’s CV


Born in Lecce (I) in 1960, he got his University Degree in Physics at the University of Pisa in 1984, with 110/110, with a thesis work whose title is: “Methods for production and measurement of laser emissions in the far infrared”.
He spent his National Service as an officer in the Navy since april 1985 until october 1986. In this period his task was that of assistant professor of the course of General Physics I for the students of the Naval Academy in Livorno.
In novembre 1986 he entered ENEA, the Italian Committee for New technologies, Energy and Environment, in the Research Center of Frascati. There he dealt with molecular spectroscopy, with the realization of pulsed laser sources in the infrared and UV, and with diode laser based analytical instrumentation.
Since december 1998 until december 2002 he was detached to SIT S.r.l., in the frame of a programme of the Italian Ministery of Research for technological transfer to small and medium enterprises. At SIT he started the production and selling of gas analizers based on optical techniques and of multipass cells. His methane leak finder was the first italian laser-based sensor, now produced by HGS S.A.S Huber Guenther & C.
In may 2003 he moved to the National Institute of Applied Optics in Florence, now National Institute of Optics of the Italian National Research Council, at the Laboratory for Aerospace Optics. His present rank is Research Director. He deals with electro-optical devices for basic research and for industrial, environmental and medical applications, and with optical systems for space applications and concentrated solar power.
His expertise is in the fields of development and applications of spectroscopical techniques, of development of gas laser sources, of vacuum and cryogenic techniques, of realization of special optics, of the development of analytical devices, of the realization of software for data reduction and instrumental automatization, of the coordination of international research projects, of the training of students and industrial employees. He was several times an evaluator of research projects proposed to INTAS and EU calls.


He is presently the coordinator of the SPHERES Group.

A detailed CV can be downloaded HERE.